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Mushrooms and truffle

Discovering the king of the table

When summer comes to an end, the leaves are tinged with red and the Langhe air is filled with an unmistakable note. It is the irresistible scent of the Alba White Truffle, one of the rarest, most precious and prestigious food products that Italy can boast. Its value lies in its amazing ability to produce pleasure in the palate of their tasters.

At the inn, the Alba White Truffle is the undisputed star of the table. It can be enjoyed on tajarin, on deep fried eggs, on the mountain fondue, where it is able to give the best of its flavor.

If you want, you can live the unique experience of research Truffle, in the forests of the area, led by trained dogs. To discover even more the rarity and noble character of the product.

Depending on the season, our kitchen is filled with other delicious and fragrant mushrooms that characterize our lands: porcini in the first place and then Caesar’s mushrooms and golden chanterelles, raw served with salads, but also in delicious sauces and precious meat.